Email Marketing:
The #1 Way to Actively Reach Your Customers & Prospects

Sent directly to your clients’ and prospects’ inbox, email marketing engages directly and encourages immediate response. We are trained, certified Constant Constant® Business Partners and can help you get started and/or create content for your campaigns.

Plans start at only $20/month!

Constant Contact is the leader in email marketing and has simple-to-install forms and Pop-Up forms for your website. So, when people visit your site, you can welcome them with a friendly pop-up message, welcoming them to your site, and asking if they’d like to receive messages from you. This information they submit goes automatically into your Constant Contact database.

Once you have someone’s email address, you’re able to reach out regularly to encourage them to choose your company by sharing industry news, product highlights, special offers, or discounts.

If you’re interested in using email marketing efficiently, we can help you get started. As a trained and certified Constant Constant Business Partner, we’re here to assist you. Even if you are already using Constant Contact, you can add us as a manager to help you with your account for no extra charge.

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