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Artist Publishes “Enigma” – a debut collective of her Pointillism Illustrations and Reflective Poetry

Omaha, Nebraska – Acclaimed visual artist Karien Bredenkamp has released “Enigma,” her first book, this month. The collection showcases 56 of her most compelling stippling illustrations alongside reflective ekphrastic poetry. “Enigma” is an odyssey into the artist’s profound subconscious, delving into themes of love, identity, integrity, and the longings of life.

Renowned for her detailed pointillism artistry, Bredenkamp crafts her works with delicate black ink dots, giving rise to intricate and hypnotic visuals. Her intentional exclusion of color sharpens the focus on the core themes, inviting an undiluted contemplation of the subject. Her harmonious blending of visual and verbal artistry provides a rare peek into the enigmatic depths of the mind.

 The genesis of “Enigma” mirrors the intrigue of its content. Bredenkamp’s “Night Writing” ritual—free-writing in complete darkness about the current surrealist sketch she is working on—produces poetry intimately linked to her illustrations. This nocturnal process has enabled her to confront and articulate the often-intimidating layers of the subconscious.

 “I’ve discovered that I can reach an almost meditative state of writing if I experiment with sensory deprivation – like writing on my laptop with a blindfold over my eyes and blocking sound with earplugs. This allows me to access an unfiltered, creative part of my mind that is free from judgment and fear,” explained Bredenkamp

 “Enigma” presents the symbiotic relationship between art and poetry, the overt and the covert of our inner being. Bredenkamp’s creations strike a unique chord with each observer, rendering a distinct encounter to all who engage with her pieces.

 Bredenkamp’s artistic voyage commenced with a love of informal drawing from her subconscious, maturing into the notable style that characterizes “Enigma.” During the introspective period of the pandemic, she started building up a large body of work to participate in nationwide juried art festivals and various solo- and group exhibits in Omaha galleries.

 A native of South Africa, Bredenkamp’s family of four immigrated to the United States in 2015 to explore a safer place with better educational opportunities for their children.

 “Enigma” is now on sale at Bredenkamp’s website,   


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Nebraska artist Karien Bredenkamp