About Us

We are a full-service marketing and public relations company, serving businesses, nonprofits, and government agencies throughout the Midwest.

Founded in 2004 by longtime Omaha resident Kurt Goetzinger, Omaha Advertising is a small team of creative professionals who employ tried-and-true marketing practices using current tools and media to bring results to our clients.

One of the many benefits of working with us is you get decades of professional marketing expertise, affordably — without incurring additional staff salaries and benefits expenses.

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We measure success not only by our work performance, but also how we interact with our clients, partners, vendors, and the community. 


We deliver what we promise and always strive to go above and beyond, no matter who we are working for or what project size. We’re not looking to win awards. Rather, we focus our attention on providing results for our clients.


Business moves fast. We value the quality of reacting quickly and positively — be it designing ads, launching a new website, or simply returning emails.


Truth in advertising (marketing, PR, etc.) is not just best practice …it’s ethically paramount. We believe in being up-front, genuine, and transparent with our clients — and expect the same in return. 


We love what we do and put our hearts into our work!

Frank Sinatra may have said it best when he claimed “Orange is the happiest color.”

Our company brand color is technically “Omaha Orange” a color commonly used in the field of safety, then made famous commercially by Chrysler Motor Company.

Orange is considered the color of joy and creativity. Orange promotes a sense of general wellness, warmth, and compassion.
That fits us nicely!

“Sparky” our mobile office!

Our office is in the remarkable Image Arts building at 26th & Harney in downtown Omaha. When we’re not in the office, we’re likely cruising around town in “Sparky,” our 1973 Volkswagen bus. This unique vehicle doubles as a mobile office, allowing us to meet clients at their preferred locations for their convenience.