On May 10th we celebrate the backbone of our economy – the small businesses that make our communities thrive. Whether it’s your favorite local coffee shop, boutique, or family-owned restaurant, these incredible enterprises bring flavor, diversity, and innovation to our lives.

Let’s take a moment to show our support and appreciation for these hardworking entrepreneurs who pour their hearts and souls into their businesses.  They are the ones who dream big, take risks, and create opportunities for themselves and others.

Here are a few ways you can participate in National Small Business Day:

  • Shop Local: Visit your neighborhood stores, artisans, and service providers. By choosing them over big corporations, you’re directly contributing to the growth of your community.
  • Spread the Word: Share your favorite small businesses on social media, recommend them to friends and family, and leave positive reviews online. Your voice can make a huge difference!
  • Engage & Collaborate: Connect with small business owners, exchange ideas, and explore potential partnerships. Collaboration is the key to success, and together we can achieve great things.
  • Join Events & Promotions: Attend local events, pop-up markets, and small business fairs. Take advantage of special discounts and offers to discover new businesses and unique products.
  • Volunteer & Support: Offer your skills or time to help small businesses thrive. Whether it’s volunteering at events, providing mentorship, or offering your professional expertise, your support can make a meaningful impact.

Let’s make EVERY day “National Small Business Day” by showcasing our unwavering support for the small businesses that make our communities so unique and special.

Remember, when you support small businesses, you’re supporting dreams, livelihoods, and the growth of your local economy. Together, we can create a thriving environment for small business owners to flourish.