The buck slip is a small slip of paper, roughly the size of a US dollar bill. They are often used as a small insert to a mailing piece.

The Buck Stops Here

Because of their size, Buck Slips earned their name because they are approximately the size of a U.S. dollar bill. Their exact size varies, but most are around 8.5″ wide x 3.5″ tall. They are single, unfolded sheets, most often used as inserts placed in envelopes or boxes that are mailed as a promotion.

Many times Buck Slips are inserted into envelopes along with invoices or letters. They also make very handy mailbox stuffers.

Because of their small size and that you can print multiple Buck Slips on a single letter-size piece of paper, they are very inexpensive to produce. We most often design them with a 1/4 inch margin on a letter and then have the printer cut the page into thirds, making the final piece 8.5″ x 3.667″. Leaving that quarter-inch margin around the page means the printer can use standard (inexpensive) letter size paper or cardstock. Some clients event print these in-house to save on printing costs.

These can be printed in black-and-white, one color, or full color and printed single-sided or double-sided, depending on the marketing needs and budget. Buck Slips are one of the most cost-effective print marketing tools because of their low cost and because they don’t use much ink.

We typically design them in Adobe InDesign and send the client and/or their printer a press-ready PDF with no bleeds. From there they are printed and sliced down into thirds.


Buck Slips are the perfect way to promote a special offer or introduce a new product or service along with your regular mailing to customers. Include a timely offer in the same envelope as your monthly billing statement, often (because of their light weight) without incurring additional postage costs.

If you are interested in having Buck Slips produced, contact us at 402-953-3500. We will discuss your promotional message, design the piece, and work with your favorite printer to get them produced. If you have a printer at your office, we can provide the art so you can print and cut yourself.