Busivid Send Video, a messaging app that lets users easily include trackable video in all their communications, officially launched in the Google Play and Apple Store today. Busivid’s unique capability to send multiple videos in a single playlist with recipient view tracking and minimal upload times places the app as a leading business tool for app users.

“With more than 20 years of experience making video, Helen and I found that personally targeted video was too slow and cumbersome to use in specific person-to-person email and text messaging, so most people just don’t do it,” said CEO Steven Mitchell. “Therefore, we created Busivid Send Video. A solution in the form of an app that seamlessly automates the previously tech-laden steps of hosting, forming playlists, sending and tracking videos, into a really easy to use workflow.”

With Busivid Send Video, sent videos and playlists are capable of being viewed on almost any device or connection, without worrying about what apps, software or browser the recipient is using. Unlike most messaging apps and video sites, this ensures effortless communication between sender and receiver. Once a user sends a playlist to a recipient, they will be notified via email or push notification once that specific recipient has viewed the videos. Users are also able to easily send multiple videos in one message, with intuitive playlists, complete with customized branding. A unique video often produces a memorable experience and increases brand recognition.

“The ability to send someone a video message on a customized (and potentially branded) playlist and know exactly when they watched your videos is something that YouTube, Vimeo, or any other video site does not offer,” said co-founder Helen Mitchell. “It changes the way businesses engage with their audience, market themselves, train and motivate their staff. We’ve created an automated path to host, form playlists, send and then track your videos; all in one app.”

Real-time notifications give users insight into when their videos are viewed, and what interested their recipient. Knowing when the recipient viewed the video allows users to reconnect at the peak of interest and creates a smarter way to do business. For sales professionals, know when to call back, and what will drive engagement. For professional trainers and support teams, know when and how the instructional, training, and work safety videos were watched. Busivid Send Video allows users to use easily create video communication that will strengthen their business and elevate their platform from the simplicity of an app.

The app is currently in the iTunes and Google Play stores and available to download for free. For more information, visit http://www.busivid.com.