Nonprofit Joins The BRIDGE to Enhance Community Services 

OMAHA, NE – [July 1, 2024] – The nonprofit initiative “Project Everlast” will officially become a program of The BRIDGE Family Resource Connector Network. This strategic integration aims to streamline operations and better serve the Omaha community.

Project Everlast, as part of the statewide Connected Youth Initiative, leverages community resources to improve youth housing, transportation, healthcare opportunities, and support networks so that young people have the resources and opportunities to thrive. In 2007, Nebraska Children collaborated with various organizations to create the “Omaha Independent Living Plan,” giving young people a stronger voice to improve the foster care system. This initiative led to the youth-driven creation of Project Everlast, which supports young adults without permanent family connections by coordinating services to meet their goals, providing flexible funding for emergencies and basic needs, assisting with economic stability, organizing social connections and leadership opportunities, and offering goal-oriented, strength-based coaching to develop skills and access essential services.

“To increase efficiencies and to best serve the community, it makes sense to combine our efforts under one roof,” said Jenny Skala of Nebraska Children. She highlighted that this integration would enable more cohesive and effective support systems for youth in the Omaha Metro area.

The BRIDGE employs three key strategies to support families and prevent involvement in the juvenile justice and child welfare systems: Central Navigation, Family and Youth Leadership, and Community Collaboration. By incorporating Project Everlast, The BRIDGE aims to enhance these strategies and broaden their impact.

“The location of Project Everlast at 26th and Harney provides a true ‘no wrong door’ entry for families in Douglas County who need support to navigate available resources,” said Marian Fey, executive director of The BRIDGE.

A celebration in September will officially mark the transition, bringing together community members, partners, and supporters to commemorate this new chapter.

In 2022, Omaha area school districts, local government, community nonprofit organizations, and service providers coordinated their efforts to establish The BRIDGE as a 501(c)(3) organization. In October 2023, the Douglas County Community Response Collaborative (DCCR) transitioned to The BRIDGE, evolving from a virtual resource to a network of place-based resources.

About The BRIDGE

The BRIDGE is committed to fostering community partnerships that enhance the well-being of our citizens. By collaborating with organizations like Project Everlast, they strive to create a more supportive and resourceful environment for all.


About Nebraska Children and Families Foundation

Nebraska Children works to ensure that all children – particularly the most vulnerable – can thrive. Through initiatives like Project Everlast, the organization unites public and private partners to support children and families across the state of Nebraska.