LinkedIn is the best platform for business professionals to connect with people who are relevant to them. With over 575 million members in over 200 countries and territories, it is the #1 Business-to-Business (B2B) social media site that connects people in the form of networks, groups, and conversations.

“I am so impressed with LinkedIn and what it does for both my business and my clients’ businesses,” said Kurt Goetzinger at Omaha Advertising.

LinkedIn provides its users with an opportunity to create professional connections, get new leads, and share content on their feed. You can also use LinkedIn as a powerful marketing tool for your company by creating ads on LinkedIn’s platform or by purchasing sponsored content from other companies on LinkedIn. (More about that below)

As a B2B social networking site, it enables professionals to keep in touch with current and past colleagues, search for jobs, post updates about themselves and their companies, and find people to hire.

“LinkedIn is not just an online resume anymore,” said Goetzinger. “It’s a powerful tool that can open doors to help you grow your business in a more relatable way.”

LinkedIn provides businesses with an opportunity to advertise themselves in front of their target audience through sponsored content or ads on the site. Setting up and using a LinkedIn Business page can also help you establish your small business within the world’s largest professional community. It’s 100% free to set up and can become another powerful platform for potential clients to research your company, what you do/produce, and your reputation.

Once your business page has been set up you will be able to do the following (and more!):

  • Create content to share with followers
  • Share employees’ best @mentions and LinkedIn content
  • Share MS Docs, PowerPoint presentations, and PDFs
  • React to and comment from your page on hashtag feeds
  • Connect with your followers through LinkedIn virtual events

Through desktop browser or mobile app you can post, respond and edit your LinkedIn page.

Kurt Goetzinger started Omaha Advertising in 2004 as a small advertising agency, primarily focused on graphic design and website development. The firm has expanded into other services, including video production, photography, social media management, and media relations.

In his spare time Goetzinger runs the Benson Community Garden and enjoys spending time with his fiancée and his family, and bicycling.

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Goetzinger is a trained and certified partner for CONSTANT CONTACT