Kurt Goetzinger, owner & creative director for Omaha Advertising was featured in the latest issue of B2B Magazine. He, alongside his officemate Tom Luke (Luke Direct Marketing), were Q & A interviewed about social media for businesses. B2B Magazine is published by Omaha Publications in La Vista, Nebraska.


1) How is social media being used by your company?

[GOETZINGER] Social media is a game-changer for every small business. We use it regularly to keep in front of our current clients and to draw interest from potential new ones. I try to post at least a couple times a week to Facebook, Google My Business, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Because my company is business-to-business, LinkedIn is a great way to stay “top-of-mind” with my current professional connections and to those who follow Omaha Advertising on that platform.

2) Is it effective?

[GOETZINGER] Because we are a business-to-business company, our returns/responses are not typically immediate – but I have absolutely found the investment of time and creative energy in posting to social worth it. The organic reach of social can be low, so spending a small budget to boost posts prioritizes yours, putting them in front of your targeted audience.

Facebook is perhaps the most cost-effective advertising medium I have ever known. Spending as little as $15 over a four-day boost gets an amazing amount of views. But, any advertising can fall flat if it does not resonate or interest your audience. So, spend some time developing your message and images.

I believe every business who deals directly with their customers (retailers, restaurants, service industry, etc.) MUST take advantage of social media.

3) Are there downsides to it?

[GOETZINGER] If you aren’t willing to spend a few dollars to boost a  post or target an ad, you may be wasting your time. It doesn’t cost much, but worth it!

4) Is it being managed in-house or outsourced. Is this the best way?

[GOETZINGER] Because we’re a creative agency, we do our own social posts. We also handle some clients’ social media presence because they’re busy running their business or just don’t have the time to manage it. Plus, sometimes it’s nice to have a fresh perspective handling your promotions.

It wasn’t that long ago when every business needed to spend hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars a month to be listed prominently in the phone book. Most businesses today don’t have that expense – and realize that those dollars saved can be reallocated to hiring a small agency like ours to handle some or all of their advertising and PR efforts. They can focus their time and energy on doing what they do best – running theirs. Hiring a firm that specializes in social media is similar to hiring an accountant or attorney for their expertise.