While many business owners aren’t even aware of it, every business has a Google profile. “Google My Business” is a free tool which allows owners to easily log-in, create, manage, and optimize their unique space on the search engine. It’s directly connected with Google Maps as well. When people “Google” your business, they will find your address, contact information, hours of operation, and more.

To claim or access your Google profile, visit: https://business.google.com

Click on “Sign In” at the top and log in …or create a new account.

It’s best practice to have the email address for this uniquely connected to the business’ owner or permanent leadership. If an employee does this for you under his/her email address and they leave your employment, it is difficult to recover access. 

Once you’re logged in, select the property you wish to edit. In the image above, we have three different businesses associated with the particular account. We will edit our office at 26th & Harney.

Now that you’re logged into your “Google My Business” profile, you can easily update (among other things) your business’ hours of operation. Click the “Update business hours” link [outlined in red above].

Here you will find what is considered their special/holiday hours. Click the calendar icon. Below you’ll see a screenshot of the pop-up window which has the upcoming holidays. Edit accordingly.

That’s it! Save and it will go “into review” for a little time, then be live.

Your Google business profile is very important to help people find you. A couple of the other benefits to claiming (owning) and updating your profile regularly include:

  • Improved Google Rankings – When a person searches for your industry, product, or service Google highlights business profiles in the results for local searches. Well-optimized profiles typically show higher on the search listings.  
  • More Visibility – By having useful, accurate information about your business on the profile assists Google to feature YOU in the search results.

If you have any problems or questions about your business Google profile, feel free to reach out. We help many other businesses and organizations claim their listing and manage others with unique content, special offers, and more.

I hope you and everyone in your life a Happy Holiday and a healthy, prosperous New Year!


Kurt Goetzinger
Owner, Omaha Advertising
(402) 953-3500