Nexty is a platform based on blockchain technology to help the e-commerce start-ups to raise funds from community. The start-ups themselves would create the ecosystem for Nexty.

Nexty costs no transaction fees as well as time for transaction confirmation. These procedures are obstacles to the ecommerce platform, especially in the process of micro payment and daily transactions.

Imagine if you buy a 10 cent item on Amazone and pay by Bitcoin or Ethereum. With the current exchange rate of a Bitcoin of about $10,000 and an ethereum of about $400, the payment will be extremely confusing because of too many zeroes in decimal place.

Not to mention the current high transaction costs, the payment of 10 cents by Bitcoin or Ethereum is not feasible. Nextycoin is seen as the best way to raise money from the society and has no percentage risks unlike bitcoin, venture capital, crowdfunding etc.

Bitcoin & other cryptocurrencies have recently been found a number of disadvantages such as:

  • Slow transaction: Bitcoin sometimes take days to complete a single transaction, and can be hacked. Recently, the North Korean hacked bitcoin and acquired over 30,000 people addresses.
  • High transaction fee: Expensive fees are required to transfer in Bitcoin, causing it an inconvenient means of payment.
  • Low Adoption: Given all of the above issues, it’s not incredibly obvious why the average person would want to use bitcoin. Sure, there are many theoretical benefits to using a distributed currency.

What is the value, though, to the everyday person who just wants to ensure that money is in the bank?
Many start-ups in the bitcoin space tout the ‘wow’ factor of bitcoin. Yet negative events over the past year have left consumer sentiment less positive than the industry hoped for and this, in turn, has caused tension with policymakers.

In the end, it is possible the best way to get bitcoin’s benefits into the hands of people might be to not talk about it at all.

How Nexty solves the above problems: It has made breakthrough over Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies by Instant transfer with Zero transfer fee, making it feasible in future daily transaction. Especially, ecommerce startups will be fundraising with Nexty platform, then become part of Nexty’s ecosystem.

Investors have benefits during the ICO

The privilege rate for the earliest 10,000,000 pNTY owners is to convert 1 pNTY = 1 NTF, which means purchasing one, earning double. This means that you only have the opportunity to own NTF during the ICO period; otherwise, you can only purchase this coin once it is introduced on the trading platform.

However, the purchasing possibility is low because NTF owners can dig NTY coins and obtain NTY by Proof of Foundation algorithm. Because of such benefits, NTF holders will not sell the NTFs they hold, or sell at high price. The current price of Ethereum is over $400 ($400), the target price of 1 pNTY is $300 at the end of 2018 and pNTY is only 22 million.

The owners of 10,000,000 pNTY must, firstly, freeze their pNTYs to receive NTFs through the Smart Staking program.

Nexty’s ICO lasts for 31 days, starting from 19 Dec. 250,000pNTY is offered everyday at 13.00 UTC. Join the ICO to own pNTY before its price goes up. For more information, consult references below:

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