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Cannabis Programmatic, an Oregon based marketing agency, is changing the way cannabis companies advertise. The new Real Time Bidding (RTB) platform for cannabis advertisers offers businesses the opportunity to reach potential customers without relying on inefficient ad tags. Now, for the first time ever, cannabis companies will be able to advertise to customers in their area on quality mainstream sites.

When advertisers work with an agency that has access to an RTB platform, they are receiving ad space at a lower cost with better placement than they would when using ad tags. In addition to Cannabis Programmatic’s RTB platform technology, advertisers can utilize geofencing technology, giving them the power to choose who they want to advertise to, what areas they want to advertise to, and at what times. Cannabis Programmatic’s custom dashboard and daily reports track the performance of each ad as well as changes in traffic to better identify target demographics.

“People may not realize how amazing the technology that goes into this is,” says James Lewis, Cannabis Programmatic’s Chief Technology Officer, referring to RTB’s machine learning capability. “The advertisers are going to get better conversions because they aren’t making these decisions from afar. The bidder is making the decisions for them in real time, and you’d be surprised by who’s smoking weed out there.”

Cannabis Programmatic provides advertisers with all of the analytics they need to make the right digital media investment decisions. The company currently works with businesses in Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Colorado, and plans to enter the California market in 2018.