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Today, Shimoda launches the next evolution of the adventure camera bag: an all new system containing 40L and 60L sized backpacks with Modular Core Units, multiple Accessory Cases and a Carry-On Roller. Designed as a reaction to real world adventure, the bags have the flexibility to adjust to any situation a globetrotting adventure photographer might find themselves in. The Shimoda Brand was born as a result of the pain, fatigue and suffering adventure photographers inevitably find themselves facing in the mountains. Their products are designed and built to stand up to the most extreme mountain terrain that serious adventurer photographers and their friends love to deal with.

Shimoda is partnering with Tenba, who brings 40 years of uncompromising manufacturing experience along with MAC Group, the global photo and video products distributor who will distribute the brand once Shimoda achieves their initial funding goals.

“Having stable logistics, supply chain and operations support, while dealing with a team who operates as a family, has me extremely excited for the future of Shimoda and adventure photography.” Ian Millar, Shimoda Founder

“We love the adventure photography community and being able to help bring truly superior products into their world is a privilege.” Peter Waisnor, Tenba Vice President

“We are incredibly excited to be working with Shimoda through their crowdfunding efforts and beyond. Ian’s new brand and product offering represents an exciting new category and opportunity for us as we continue to diversify our range and go-to market strategy.” Jan Lederman, MAC Group President

Explore 60. The definitive backpack for gear-obsessed adventure photographers.

The Explore 60 redefines the way serious adventure-bound photographers pursue their passion. Its user experience is simple and intuitive while its carry performance minimizes fatigue and stress. Direct access to essentials like food, water and mobile devices helps keep adventurers moving forward with limited interruptions. The Explore 60 has approximately 15 liters of adjustable volume via a floating lid that lets the most demanding photographers take on multiple adventures without needing to compromise their gear carry needs. The floating lid provides a secure way to quickly fasten jackets, touring skins and other adventure gear.

Lightweight, durable and intuitively functional, the new Explore 60 is destined to be a favorite addition to the demanding adventure photographer’s tool kit.

Explore 40. The perfect daypack for action-driven adventure photographers.

The Explore 40 was created for fast moving and agile adventure photographers who need to be in the action to document their story. It was designed to simplify their shooting experience while minimizing physical fatigue. Its intuitive design ensures essentials like food, water and a smart phone are always in immediate reach.

The Explore 40 was designed to set an all-new standard in adventure photography daypacks.

Both the Explore 40 and Explore 60 backpacks utilize modular Core Units and multiple sizes of Accessory Cases to let you fully customize your shooting experience – not only to your gear requirements – but the terrain ahead of you. They can be combined to create over 10 different configurations to satisfy numerous gear carrying needs. Whether you’re camping out waiting for an epic moment or touring up a crevasse-riddled glacier, our system allows you to choose the most efficient camera access for the situation – even on the fly.

Shimoda Core Units
Camera Inserts are an amazing modular development for camera bags, but previous designs have suffered from limited uses and wasted materials. Most insert designs force you into a single size choice that often leads to numerous expensive purchases of products to meet the many different types of shooting days. The Shimoda Core Unit system is modular, comes in multiple sizes and allows for side, rear and top access configurations while providing a number of efficient options for the amount of camera and adventure gear needed.

Core units are available in Small and Medium sizes. Each unit is constructed with compression molded EVA sidewalls and dividers providing optimal protection without excess weight or materials.

Additionally, each Shimoda Core Unit features a removable Skin, which can be used in the following ways:

  • A sealed dust-free storage case when is your camera gear is not in use.
  • A packing cell for organizing loose items like clothing, food and safety equipment.
  • A convenient, lightweight shoulder bag (with camera insert) for a quick hike out of basecamp or a walk around a new city.

Shimoda Accessory Cases
Shimoda has developed 3 sizes of Accessory Cases in order to provide the smartest storage solution for an adventure photographer’s needs. Whether carrying portable hard drives, batteries, remotes, a sound kit or lots of smaller items like cables, our translucent shell and internal sub-compartments ensure a fast and organized workflow.

Built with high-quality, lightweight and water-resistant materials, its clamshell opening lets you hang the case open via its buckle release handle. This simple feature allows it to be hung from a tripod collar or similar object to make set up and take down fast and efficient.

Shimoda Accessory Cases work seamlessly with every other product in the Shimoda system. They fit into the packs and roller to ensure no space is ever wasted, while allowing for a speedy packing and transition experience.

The Shimoda Fit: built for maximum comfort and energy conservation
Both the Explore 60 and Explore 40 adventure camera backpacks feature an adjustable harness with bear hug-like fit to ensure the pack doesn’t put pressure on the users’ shoulders, and that weight is distributed to the hips and front torso instead.

Shimoda packs have 3 key frame features.
1. The torso height is adjustable, providing a custom fit for every photographer.
2. They have an internal 6061 T6 Aluminum frame to comfortably distribute the load of heavy gear.
3. The unique shoulder strap design helps balance weight across your chest.

These 3 features work together to minimize shoulder strap stress created from the heavy weights of your camera gear pulling your backpack downwards on your shoulders. The result is an exceptionally comfortable bag that conserves the energy of the user.

Thoughtful in every detail
Multiple Access Points: Steep, wet and exposed terrain creates challenges and limitations to photographers who need access to their cameras gear. In complex landscapes, putting a pack on the ground is not an option. Shimoda backpacks offer rear and side access, with the 60L also offering top access.

1. Side opening is ideal for quick, under-the-arm access without completely removing the pack.
2. The Rear opening allows wide, unencumbered access to the bulk of your gear for less time-sensitive shooting scenarios.
3. Top access allows users to access their camera while the bag is standing, ideal when the main pack is filled with other gear.

Additionally, an included optional-use pouch can be side mounted to the bag to support a tripod, or chest mounted to the front harness to secure a camera.

The rear panel of the pack has a door-style opening, which acts as a protective shield against blowing sand, rain or snow. The interior of the rear panel houses a padded 13-inch laptop sleeve that sits against the users back, providing ideal weight distribution and fast access at airports.

Mobile Office and Snack Bar pockets: Each shoulder strap features a fast access sleeve for your commonly accessed items. The left strap includes a zippered mobile phone pocket that even has a cable routing port to connect a charger. The right strap has a stretch spandex sleeve that can securely accommodate snacks, water bottles, sunscreen and radios.

Having key items within easy reach means never having to remove the pack for simple tasks like checking messages or refueling, which saves energy for when you really need it.

Explore Carry-On Roller; because airports should be the easy part of your adventures.

For many adventure photographers, travel involves not only long treks in the mountains but also seemingly longer treks through airport terminals. Carrying camera gear on your back is not always a desired experience.

The Shimoda solution: a Carry-On roller that meets most international airline requirements and perfectly houses the modular Core Units and Accessory Cases. This simple-to-use system allows the transfer of camera gear from roller to backpack quickly and seamlessly via a “doctor bag” style opening, eliminating the need to remove gear from its protective case.

The Shimoda Carry-On Roller is crafted with the same materials and construction techniques used in our backpacks to ensure protection in unpredictable weather and environments. Oversized zippers from industry leader YKK® promise durability and reliability over the life of your roller. The wheels feature an aggressive tread, suitable for rough terrain, yet they remain smooth and quiet when rolling around town.

Shimoda utilizes the latest materials and technology to deal with the unpredictability of the mountains (or wherever your adventures take you.)

All Shimoda features and components are constructed with advanced materials and manufacturing techniques developed to best meet the needs of hardcore adventurers and the unpredictable environments they visit. The Carbonate Ether resin-coated Nylon shell features a unique double-sided resin application process that provides incredible water resistance from exterior water pressure and interior condensation build-up.

With 2 coatings of Carbonate Ether and High Density nylon, the shell delivers unsurpassed water repellency and durability. These advanced coatings allow the use of much lighter-core materials for both the exterior shell and interior lining.

Visit the Shimoda Designs Kickstarter page to pre-order the Explore System of your choice and learn more about the products that will change how adventure photographers take on the mountains.

About Shimoda Designs:
Shimoda Designs is an adventure camera bag company designed as a reaction to real world adventures rather than those imagined from a comfortable office environment. Shimoda founder Ian Millar is a lifelong explorer, snowboarder and product designer known for developing some of the most innovative camera bags in the world. Shimoda is his new venture (in collaboration with Tenba and the MAC Group) that represents the culmination of all his experiences and utilizes the most advanced materials and technologies available to minimize the pain, fatigue and suffering that comes with foul mountain conditions. Shimoda products are a direct reflection and reaction to the outdoor lifestyle that Ian and his adventure photographer friends love so much.