Graphic Design

Visual and artistic communication has the capacity to integrate words, symbols and images - all combined in an innovative way to express the targeted message.

Public Relations

To convey a message and gain perspective about its public, products and political processes with influential viewpoints that cultivate awareness.

Social Media

A cultural game-changer, evolutionary tool to reach a widespread audience in today's day and age. Are you engaged with your followers? Be on trend in a highly competitive market.

Creative Services

Utilize our talents and experience as we develop a customized campaign, specific to your marketing vision. From Advertising to PR, we do it all.


A small, rectangular slip of paper with advertising on one or both sides that is included along with other material in a mailing. For example, a #10 envelope with a letter or customer invoice might include a buckslip to call attention to another service offered by the letter-sender.

A common size for Buck Slips is 3-2/3″ x 8.5″ – or one-third of a standard letter size paper, cut in thirds.

Here, for our client Home Standards Inspection Services, we took the “buck slip” one step further to give the front side graphic elements from US currency. Studies have indicated that Americans pay more attention when they recognize “money.”